WellSprings Tea

WellSprings Tea

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"This wonderful tea has been formulated to help with acne, eczema, fine lines and wrinkles, hair growth, dandruff, and dehydration of the skin when consumed regularly and on a daily basis." - Dr. Evelyn Jones of WellSprings Dermatology

In collaboration with WellSprings Dermatology and Dr. Evelyn Jones, a specially blended loose leaf tea emerges to promote balance and wellness from the inside out. Combining Dragonwell Green Tea for its "unifying" properties, Chaste Tree Berries* for balancing hormone levels, Echinacea for stimulating the immune system and reducing inflammation, Ginger Root for its antioxidant properties which increase blood circulation and helps cut down on toxins, Red Clover Blossoms for balancing estrogen levels, and Dandelion leaf for its plethora of nutrients, all carefully blended to aid you on your journey to beautiful, healthy skin. 

*chaste tree berries may affect female hormonal medications. Consult your doctor prior to consumption. 

Brewing Instructions:

  • 1 tsp per 8oz/250ml of water
  • 190F
  • Brew 3-4 minutes 
  • Good for 2 infusions