Our Story

Pipers was established in 2012 by husband and wife team, Peter and Amber Barnett after searching high and low for a good cup of earl grey and coming up empty handed. Using an Englishman's taste, a French lady's nose and a lot of research, we sourced the highest quality of black tea and Sicilian bergamot, used traditional tea blending techniques and produced our very first tea blend: Pipers Earl Grey, which is still our favorite tea to drink every morning.
In 2015, we had the opportunity to open the first Pipers Tea and Coffee shop in The Coke Plant to fully embody both of our passions- tea and coffee. The initial coffee program started as a multi roaster shop, with the dream of roasting for ourselves. That day came in late 2017 when we were able to purchase our first roaster and begin our own journey of sourcing, grading, sample roasting and cupping to craft high quality, small batched single origin and unique blends of coffee.
Along with our head coffee roaster, Matthew Jordan and our dedicated and creative Pipers team, our collections of teas now include over 20 unique tea blends along with multifarious seasonal coffee offerings to serve to our customers as well as our wholesale partners.
With each of our coffees and teas, we craft them with intention and purpose, sourcing high quality and sustainable ingredients locally and globally to bring an exquisite beverage to our community and beyond. We like to think of what we do as taking tradition on a modern adventure; honoring long established traditions and history while breathing a modern sensibility into the process.
Join us on the adventure!