Our Story

Pipers was established in 2012 by husband and wife- Peter and Amber Barnett- in Kentucky after searching high and low for a good cup of earl grey and coming up empty handed. Using an Englishman's taste, a French lady's nose and a lot of research, we sourced the highest quality of black tea and Sicilian bergamot, used traditional tea blending techniques and produced our very first tea blend: Pipers Earl Grey.
Our collection of teas now include over 20 tea blends and a variety of single origin roasted coffees which we roast in our lab.
We draw inspiration and heritage from England, France and America. 
Blending our passion for tea with our wanderlust spirit. 
Each blend is handcrafted with the highest quality of tea and the Piper's signature touch.
Infusing our love for modern, clean design into each pot and bag of tea.
Made for the TEA lovers, the TEA addicts, the TEA enthusiasts, the TEA connoisseurs, the TEA admirers, the TEA junkies 
For us, a cup of PIPERS TEA is always a good idea!