Matcha Subscription

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Join Piper’s Matcha Subscription! 

Get your favorite Pipers Matcha delivered to you on your schedule:

weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

Subscribe once and let us do the rest! Which means you'll never run out off your favorite Piper’s matcha again!

How it works:

1- Select the grade of Matcha (ceremonial is best for matcha shots, premium is best for lattes, lemonades & tonics).  

2- Tell us how often you need it 

2- Wait a few days for your first shipment to arrive at your door

4- Receive tea on your selected schedule without having to think or lift a finger or tap a screen!

First order comes with a tin for storage, subsequent orders come in a refill bag. 

DISCLAIMER: No obligation, you can modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

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