3 Month Coffee Subscription

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Get or gift a Pipers coffee subscription for 3 months!

Get a 12 oz or 2lb bag of Pipers coffee, locally roasted here in Paducah, Kentucky delivered to you or as a gift, for 3 months! 

Subscribe once, pay for all 3 bags and let us do the rest! Which means never running out off your favorite Piper’s coffee again for 3 months.

Note: subscription ends automatically after 3 months and you're charged once.  

How it works:

1- choose whole bean or preferred grind level 

2- select the variety of Pipers coffee (12oz or 2lb bag). Want a different coffee each month or seasonally? Change preferences in your account or choose "seasonal offering". 

3- Wait a couple days for your first shipment to arrive at your door

4- Receive or gift coffee monthly without having to think or lift a finger or tap a screen!

DISCLAIMER: This subscription ends after 3 months. No obligation, you can modify or cancel your subscription anytime. 

Have questions? Email us at cupofpipers@gmail.com