Darjeeling First Flush- Orange Valley

Darjeeling First Flush- Orange Valley

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During the winter months, the camellia sinensis plant is able to store nutrients from the soil for the upcoming spring. This effect, combined with the perfect growing conditions of the season, the first flush of the tea plant each year yields a much more complex and delicate cup, and this tea is no exception. It was grown on the Orange Valley Tea Estate, which spans across 858 acres at an altitude between 1,100 - 1,800 meters above sea level. This crisp and juicy tea lends itself incredibly well to standard Western style steeps, but unfolds with many intense layers of complexity using the Gongfu Cha method of brewing.


Nose- Sweet, floral, red fruits, pear, graham, Bourbon

Palette- Sweet, fruity, juicy fruit, slight cinnamon/clove, fresh bread, pear juice on the front of tongue, slight minerality/sourness on back of tongue, slight chocolate bitterness, orange blossom, vanilla bean, frosting, floral, slight salt, simple syrup, grape, sweet cream med. Body, slight dryness.


Steep 2.5g tea with 250ml of 195F water for 4 minutes. Yields an 8oz cup. 


Origin: Orange Valley Estate, Darjeeling District, India

Harvest Season: Spring 2021

Style: Darjeeling, 1st Flush

Oxidization: Fully

Producer: Orange Valley Garden 

Garden Elevation (MASL): 1,100 - 1,800m

Varietal/ Cultivar: sinensis