Chou Shi Ya Shixaing - Smelly Duck Poop

Chou Shi Ya Shixaing - Smelly Duck Poop

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Ya Shixaing, a famous oolong from Chouzhou city in China, translates to “Duck Sh*t” and is believed to have derived its name from farmers trying to protect their most prized and delicious tea from thieves, by naming opposite of its nature (I mean who wants to steal a tea that supposedly smells like duck poop?). This tea is sourced from the incredibly remote Wudong Village on the Phoenix Mountains, where tea master Song Lin and his family produce incredible tea. This tea is no ordinary Duck Poop tea, it is denoted by ‘Chou Shi’ which is a modern processing style where they cut the oxidation short and finish the tea by drying it. This creates a much lighter and floral flavor, making this tea seem like a cross between oolong, green, and white tea. Its leaves are incredibly large and beautiful.


Nose- The dry leaf smells of vanilla and white flowers, followed by notes of cornsilk with a beautiful rounding honey aroma. When steeped this tea is incredibly sweet, reminiscent of a meadow full of delicate white flowers and sweet grass. This tea has an almost sweet cream aspect on the nose, with hints of red berries.

Palette- Tastes of white flowers and honey, the latter of which presents in an almost honeyed-fruit way. There are some slight grass and vegetal flavors which are cut by sweet vanilla cookies. This tea has a creamy body with a fresh savory middle that returns to a dessert-like finish. The body is on the thicker end, with a sensation extending into the throat that provides an incredibly calming sensation throughout the body.


Steep 2.5g tea with 250ml of 185F water for 4 minutes. Yields an 8oz cup.

For gongfu style brewing, 5 grams of tea per 100ml of 185F water for 25 seconds. Repeat process adding 5 seconds to each steep.  


Origin: Wudong Village, Chaozhou City, China

Harvest Date: Spring 2021

Style: Chou Shi Ya Shixaing Dan Cong

Picking Standard: Two or three half-matured tea leaves

Oxidization: Partially 

Producer: Tea master Song Lin

Garden Elevation (MASL): 600 meters

Varietal/ Cultivar: Shui Xian