Pipers Espresso

Pipers Espresso

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Espresso should be familiar, compatible, and easy. The Pipers Espresso blend often exemplifies all three as it melds the velvety chocolate flavors of Guatemala with the subtle citrus tones and cashew-like softness of Mexico. When this blend is finely ground and allowed to brew a bit longer as an espresso shot, the result is a well-balanced and delicious beverage. Add milk, sugar, chocolate, hot water, ice and soda water, or any sort of syrup and you’re well on your way to truly believing that simple phrase good morning.  

Tasting Notes: nutty, chocolate, raspberry and toffee 

Origin: Guatemala & Mexico 

Region: Various

Farm: Various smallholder farmers

Variety: Various

Altitude: 900-1700 masl 

Process Method: washed

Roast Level: Medium