Pipers Atlantis Mug

Pipers Atlantis Mug

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Pipers X Saint Anthony Industries come together to present a mug that is literally out of this world. 

Move beyond stainless steel for a pure, uncontaminated drinking experience.

Inspired by the use of ultra lightweight ceramic insulation in NASA space shuttles, M² Labs has employed a new technology to bond a feather light, inert ceramic to a nearly unbreakable ultra insulative structure, resulting in the patent pending, Ceramic Clad Thermal Protection System. 

Saint Anthony Industries has partnered with M² Labs to integrate this technology into a historic line of rugged, on-the-move insulative drink wares. 

Hyper Pure Ceramics is the new standard of pure thermal performance. 

M² Labs + S.A.I.     

Volume: 12oz 

Height with lid: 4.76in (121mm) 

Diameter: 2.87in (73mm)   

Weight: 4.1oz (117g)