Hario Loose Leaf Tea Dripper LARGO Stand Set

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Fully enjoy perfectly steeped loose leaf hot & iced tea! Brew tea at the touch of a switch.

HARIO' s new "Tea Dripper LARGO Stand Set" is a three-piece set, consisting of a dripper, a pitcher, and stand designed to make iced tea by the glass in a new and innovative way.

1- The tea dripper shows a charming presence with its round form, the ideal shape for "tea jumping," which is the key to brewing tasty tea.

2- The dripper enables you to extract tea at your favorite strength. 

3- Press the switch to extract the tea into the glass of ice for iced tea or into a mug for a cup of hot tea. 

4- Tasty ice tea can also be made easily.

5- Easy to keep the ice in when pouring.

Material: [Tea Dripper LARGO]
Lid/ AS resin
Inner holder base/ Silicone rubber
Switch/ Polypropylene
Filter/ Stainless ball, Stainless steel
[Drip stand CUBE]
Stand/ Poly methyl methacrylate
Drip tray anti-slip stickers/ Silicone rubber