Sumatra Mandheling

Sumatra Mandheling

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Growing up in the South we are often taught from a young age that good coffee should be strong enough to chew and put hair on your chest. In the world of third wave coffee, this way of roasting coffee has often been frowned upon. Nevertheless, this beautiful coffee from Sumatra has been roasted to a dark level in order to release flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla, fig, and cherry for the ones who love that classic dark roast.

Tasting Notes: Cherry, dark chocolate, vanilla, fig

Roast level: dark

Origin Sumatra 
Region Mandheling
Farm Small family owned farms  
Varietal Catimor, Caturra, Typica
Altitude 1300 - 1600 msl
Proc. Method

Wet Hulled

Packaged in a 12oz bag.