Seasonal Pipe Blend

Seasonal Pipe Blend "Afternoon Tea"

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A chilled breeze slips through the branches and the leaves are blushing yellow. A hand pulls a warm pan from the oven; wisps of apple and sugar and clove fill the air. Spring’s warmth is fading into a memory, but Fall brings the joy of restful remembrance. Perhaps you could pause, breathe, and remember with a warm cup of coffee? 

We think that warm cup should be filled with our seasonal Pipe blend. This is a blend of coffee from Colombia and Mexico, but there’s a catch...the Mexican coffee is decaffeinated. With the Fall weather comes the desire for warmth and rest. You’ll be able to drink this blend in the morning or the afternoon, at work or at home without the gnawing anxiety of losing sleep or rest. Nevertheless, the blending of these two origins bring about classic Fall flavors such as clove, baked apples, and chocolate, yet there’s something unique that is created here. We’ve named this blend after its unique presentation of a black tea-like flavor.

As the leaves begin their descent, as warm air begins to cool off, drink a cup of our Pipe Blend. Like drinking tea, you should let this coffee guide you into a moment of rest. May your cup be filled with Pipers and your heart be filled with gratitude.

Tasting Notes: Black Tea, Baked Apple, Clove and Cocoa

Roast Level: Medium-Dark

Origin Colombia Cauca and Mexico Esmerelda Decaf
Region Cauca and Esmerelda
Farm Various Small-holder farmers
Varietal Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
1200-2100 masl

Washed and Ethyl-Acetate Decaf

Packaged in a 12oz bag