Java Frinsa Estate

Java Frinsa Estate

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The Frinsa Collective is focused around a family-owned estate known as Frinsa, run by Wildan Mustofa. The "collective" refers to the family's purchasing of coffee from neighboring producers for processing and sale from the Finsa Estate. According to green-coffee buyer Piero Cristiani, Wildan and his family are progressive, focusing on experimental processing more than is commonly found in Java. Wildan oversees the agricultural and processing side of the business, while his wife Atieq handles contracts and their son Fikri does the cupping. The Mustofa family has produced a coffee with pronounced flavors of dark fruit, baker's chocolate, and molasses. 

Tasting Notes: Baking chocolate, molasses, brown sugar, pomegranate 

Roast level: medium-dark

Origin Java
Region West Java
Farm Frinsa Estate
Variety Ateng Super, Bor Bor, Sigararutang
Altitude 1400-1700 masl
Proc. Method


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