Colombia Narino

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While each of Colombia's various coffee-growing regions has a distinct character in the cup, Nariño's unique climate conditions contribute to the special, sparkling quality of the coffees there. The dramatic slopes and valleys that comprise the landscape in this department have direct effect on the temperature modulation that creates these high-acidity, supersweet coffees: Warm, humid air collects in the lowlands during the day and creeps gently up the mountainsides at night, a combination that allows coffee to thrive at much higher altitudes than most of the rest of the country, as much as 2,300 meters above sea level.

Tasting Notes: Red Berry, Floral, Brown Sugar, Grape, Earl Grey Tea

Origin Colombia
Region Narino
Farm Various smallholder farmers
Variety Colombia, Castillo, Caturra
Altitude 1600- 2300 masl
Proc. Method


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