Ethiopia Aricha

Ethiopia Aricha

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This coffee seems to fit comfortably on the tongues of those who love natural Ethiopians. With notes of blueberry, pineapple, cocoa, figs, and the occasional hint of blackberries, we are sure you will enjoy diving deep into a warm cup of this liquid. The Aricha Mill is a washing station owned and operated by Cherab na Betesebu and his family where coffee producers from over 650 small farms deliver their ripe cherries to Aricha Mill.

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Pineapple, Figs, Cocoa

Roast level: light 

Origin Ethiopia 
Region Yirgacheffe (Aricha Mill)
Farm Various smallholder farmers
Varietal Ethiopian heirloom 
Altitude 1900-2100 masl
Proc. Method


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