Pipers Plane 2023 Summer Blend

Pipers Plane 2023 Summer Blend

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In many places around the globe, Summer is often synonymous with days brimming with heat. The very last thing we want to think about consuming is a 200 degree beverage. Nevertheless, this blend of coffees from Ethiopia and Guatemala actually prefers to take on a colder form. At Pipers we like to use this as our cold brew blend. In doing so, flavors of malt chocolate, cherry cordial, and blueberry crumble are all accentuated. Let this iteration of the Pipers Plane Blend ferry you into a moment of pure, unadulterated, and refreshing respite.

Best way to prepare & enjoy: cold brew 

Tasting Notes: Malt Chocolate, Cherry Cordial, Blueberry Crumble

Roast level: light 

Origin Ethiopia and Guatemala
Region Yirgacheffe (Aricha Mill) & Huehuetenango 
Farm Various 
Varietals Various
Elevation 1600-2100 masl

Natural & washed

Packaged in a 12oz bag